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When it comes to regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy is leading the charge in successfully tapping the human body’s incredible resources for healing. At Arizona Pain Relief Treatment Center, the interventional pain management and regenerative medicine specialists help their Deer Valley, Phoenix area patients overcome chronic conditions and injuries more quickly through stem cell therapy. To explore the benefits of stem cell therapy, call or book an appointment online.

Stem Cell Therapy Q & A

What are stem cells?

The biomechanics of the human body are amazing and there’s no better example of this than stem cells. Most of the cells in your body are designed for a singular purpose and they operate within their purview, dividing when needed and never straying from the task at hand.

Stem cells, however, are undifferentiated cells, which means they essentially have no job. Rather than collecting an unemployment check, these cells travel to different areas of your body and become whatever cell is needed. All the more impressive is the fact that once they become specialized cells, they can divide indefinitely, helping your body heal and regenerate where needed.

The most powerful stem cells are those found in embryos, which makes sense, given that an embryo is a human in the process of being formed. There are also powerful stem cells in the amniotic fluid surrounding the embryo.

As an adult, you still have stem cells in your body, but they are far less potent than those found in embryonic development.

What is stem cell therapy?

At Arizona Pain Relief Treatment Center, the doctors use a stem cell therapy called amnion allograft (an allograft is a tissue graft). Using stem cells that originate from amniotic fluid, the doctors inject the stem cells directly into the area you need treated to promote new, healthy cell growth.

What can stem cell therapy treat?

The regenerative therapists at Arizona Pain Relief Treatment Center  use stem cell therapy to treat:

  • Joint damage due to arthritis
  • Meniscal tears and other damage in the knee joint and surrounding soft tissues
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Tendonitis and ligament strains
  • Muscle and other soft tissue injuries
  • Chronic neck and back pain

Stem cells not only help regenerate soft tissue, but they also act as anti-inflammatory agents, which helps with pain. As if the stem cells weren't providing enough healing power, the doctors also add hyaluronic acid to their injections to promote lubrication in your joints.

How long before I see results from stem cell therapy?

Most patients see gradual results over 3-4 weeks as the stem cells go to work replacing your damaged cells with healthy new ones.

To learn more about the benefits of stem cell therapy, call Arizona Pain Relief Treatment Center  or use the online booking tool to schedule a consultation.